Your Success Is Our Success!

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Sales Consulting

Our starting point is the patient and thinking about it from their point of view, what’s important to them, and how they feel during the consultation process. In addition to the patient experience, we pull in our expertise of why and how people buy, and the emotional side of their journey.

What's Included?

  1. Interviews with Physicians, leadership team, staff members and customers

To start with, you and I will have further conversations. Whilst we have discussed financial goals, we will need to go into more depth. In addition, I would conduct informal interviews with the team to gain additional insight. If possible, I’d like to speak with recent customers to garner their views of their experiences.


  1. Review the conversion data

I would like to determine what data and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are currently in place and review the metrics at different stages of the customer journey within the practice.


Where we are missing KPI’s it will be important to establish them, allowing us to effectively manage the practice going forward.


  1. Mystery shopping phone calls

Mystery shopping phone calls into the practice can ascertain how the team handles initial inbound phone calls. It provides great insight. Mystery shopping calls will occur throughout the entire engagement to determine how the team is developing.


  1. Marketing & Social Media

An evaluation of the existing marketing and social media will be carried out. We will evaluate existing content and review the reporting data from the various social media sites to determine how successful the current approach is.


  1. Create a Business (Practice) VMOST

Developing a VMOST is a good way to summarize the practice by considering the Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategy and Tactics. As part of this exercise, we will determine the Values of the practice, the culture you want to create, your ideal patients and ultimately the brand-identity.


  1. Develop a Transformational Plan

Based on the RAG Scorecard from stage 1, we will develop a comprehensive transition plan. The focus is to correct the issues highlighted in the RAG Scorecard and to continue building a highly successful and profitable practice in a timely manner. The transition plan is the roadmap and will consider all the factors, required activities and milestones to move from A to B, to ensure the practice is running with a focus on delivering a superb patient experience.

Sales Training

There are 5 sales training modules to develop the consultation process: Sales Conversation, Art of Questioning, Handling the Objection, Telling the Story and Mastering Mindset. The modules cover the whole consultation process for a Practice, from the initial phone call to post treatment. Time will be spent developing the right mindset throughout the team.


The sales training is positioned to the team in a way that does not elicit fear. From my experience, the Front Desk, Patient Care Coordinators, Nurses, Providers and Doctors did not sign up to be salespeople. However, they all have a vital role to play in the sales process and creating the patient experience.

What's Included?

  1. Sales (Consultation) Conversation

Having a structure on how to hold a consultation allows the practice to perform consistently. We believe in play books and processes, though there are times when we have to ‘go with the patient’. A framework allows us to hold a consultation and still arrive at the expected outcome.


  1. Art of Questioning

The ability to ask impactful questions and the ability to listen, based on academic research, differentiate the best salespeople from the rest. The same is true within the practice. To create a phenomenal customer experience, we must truly understand the potential patients’ requirements. The key is to connect emotionally.


  1. Handling the Objection

The ability to handle the “no”, is a key element to driving an increase in same day conversions. It must be done in a way that demonstrates empathy and uncovers all the concerns a potential patient has, before responding and handling the objections.


  1. Telling the Story

Storytelling, or as we like to describe it, ‘storyselling’ is a critical component in the sales process. Stories allow us to emotionally connect with another person. Whilst some people are natural storytellers, it is important to tell stories in a way that helps the patient shift their thinking and come to the right decision.


  1. Mastering Mindset

Having the right mindset is an important element. The initial confidence comes from having the skills and being well practiced in their use. The workshop is fun and highly experiential. Additionally, we consider the elements of mindset to ensure the team ‘play from a 10’ and are able to deliver the optimum customer experience every time.


All of the modules are accompanied by comprehensive Play Books and manuals. The Art of Questioning incorporates all the possible questions required throughout the whole consultation process. These ‘cheat sheets’ accelerate the understanding and adoption of the sales methodology, delivering tangible results very fast.

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