Patient Scheduling

Highly skilled Patient Care Coordinators engage via live chat before moving to a telephone conversation. We engage as your practice providing a seamless patient experience. Expect to have more patient consultations as a result.

Lead Capture

SalesMD deploys a live chat widget onto your website, allowing us to capture those potential patients who may not be ready to pick up the phone or complete a web enquiry.

Our highly skilled operators engage firstly via live chat moving them into a real telephone conversation with one of our Patient Care Coordinators. When they phone, remember, they phone as your practice, providing a seamless experience for the patient. 

Expect to see your consultations increase considerably with our Lead Capture service!

Lead Conversion

SalesMD will take the leads coming into your practice and engage, nurture, qualify and schedule them for a consultation. We do this in a timely manner, as well as out of hours and of course at the weekend. This frees up your existing team to focus on the patients coming through your practice.

The reality is, we will be providing more consultations, thus allowing your team to focus on the patients in the office, with a seamless interaction with the SalesMD team keep a steady flow of patients coming through your doors.

Post Consultation

There are two types of patients following a consultation. The ones who schedule at the time of the consultation, or within a few days, and the ones that take a week or more. The reality is, for those who are not in the first camp, we need to re-engage and keep close to them until they make that decision.

Our Patient Care Coordinators will continue the appropriate contact strategy with the aim of scheduling their treatment, or if required, having them come back for a 2nd consultation. Either way, we maintain the relationship ensuring they book when they are ready.

Is it truly pay-per treatment?


We have a very simple pricing structure. You pay us when the patient schedules a treatment or surgery. Having us do more work doesn’t cost you more. In fact, you make more by allowing us to focus on the one part of the practice that makes you money.

Our Values


We call as your practice because we know how important relationships are


We build & retain trust by doing what we say we’re going to do


We call as your practice because we know how important relationships are


Our highly skilled, professional contact agents are all based in the USA

An Omnichannel Approach

When booking consultations, treatments and surgery, human interaction matters. That’s why we use telephone, messaging and email to engage with patients the way they want!

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