Why should I choose SalesMD?

When you choose SalesMD, you are getting someone who has lived and breathed sales for 30+ years, half of which has been as a Corporate Sales Trainer and Consultant. Chris knows how to move the needle and delivers against the promises he makes. You revenue will increase.

What’s the ROI on developing a sales ethos within my practice?

Sales is perhaps the easiest thing to measure. It’s black or white. There is no grey. We will see increases in revenue immediately. When we engage with a client, we look for immediate revenue opportunities as well as ensuring we deliver longer-term strategic results too.

If you’re phoning our patients, who do you say you are?

We say we are you. Our introductions are in your practice name – never “we’re phoning on behalf of…“. Our team views itself as part of your team. We embody the values and ethos of your practice and always communicate to your patients professionally.

Why would I implement a sales ethos in an aesthetic practice?

Sales is where you turn all of your education, expertise, investment of money and time to get to where you have, into money. It’s where the ‘rubber hits the road’. Without sales, you do not have a practice, and we teach the team to do sales as good as everything else you do.

How does your training change as a result of COVID-19?

The only change at the moment, is the live in-practice training, is carried out using Zoom. We have always used Zoom for follow-up sessions and coaching. We also suggest, the training happens over a number of shorter sessions rather than all at once.

How do you ensure the ethos doesn’t become sales over medical excellence?

Our philosophy and what we stand behind, is that this is a medical establishment. This comes first above everything else. Saying that, if the patient is a good fit for your practice, then our job is to ensure your team is fully equipped to make sure they become your patient.

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