Consultation Booking Service

For Practices That Want Booked Consultations, Not More Leads

SalesMD and Lasso funnel a steady stream of new booked consultations directly to the practice’s calendar.

Lasso Live Chat works 24/7 on your site to produce a consistent flow of untapped qualified leads that SalesMD nurtures and delivers to the practice as scheduled and vetted consultations who can actually afford treatment.

Introductory Offer

We book 3 new-patient consultations on your calendar, 100% FREE!



A reliable source of untapped new recurring revenue to the practice


Higher consultation to surgery rate with qualified, vetted consultations


Space for office staff to focus on the patients and enhance their in-office experience



2x website lead generation from human connection with website visitors 24/7


Differentiated patient experience with trained sales experts


Reduce the pressure on your staff already wearing multiple hats



What measurable value do we add?

$150,000-$1,000,000 per year generated in net recurring revenue to the practice. We can tell you more precisely when we see your data.


Once we have delivered 3 consultations or the first patient to your practice, we will move to a pay-for-performance model.

Pricing (beta test pricing)

$40 per qualified lead.

Qualified lead is defined as:

1. Someone in your geographical area
2. Asking about a service you offer
3. Someone you have not previously
spoken with
4. Leaves their contact information

Lasso will generate additional leads and SalesMD will book qualified consultations from them. The fee is charged each time a lead by Lasso is generated.

Data we want to calculate the value we bring:


What is your consultation to surgery conversion rate?


How many website contact form submissions do you get per month?


What is your average revenue per procedure?


We’re bringing you consultations. What’s a consultation worth to you?

Average Revenue Per Procedure X Consultation to Procedure Conversion Rate = Consultation Value

Example: $5,000 x 40% = $2,000


Rye Olson
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Chris Stock
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