We Schedule Consults, Treatments & Surgeries

SalesMD engages, nurtures, qualifies and converts leads into consultations, treatments and surgeries. And the best thing for you, is you only pay us for real results, not promises!

Pay Per Procedure

We only charge when a patient schedules a treatment or surgery. Consultations are free!

At SalesMD, our approach is very different. You only pay when the patient books a treatment or schedules their surgery. We truly want to be part of your team and our joint success is based on real results.

Risk Free

Our contracts are month to month, and you can terminate at any time. No results. No fees!

We do not tie you in to long contracts. Our results speak for themselves. You will stay with us because we deliver results and not because you have to. Should you wish to terminate, there is no penalty.

Real People

We have a USA based team and believe in real interactions, not chat bots or cheap labor!

We are in a people business. It’s about making people feel good and we know that starts with the very first interaction. That’s why we use real people to have real conversations. No scripts. no chatbots.

Highly Trained

The contact agents represent your practice and are highly trained Patient Care Coordinators!

Our Patient Care Coordinators are an extension of your practice. We introduce ourselves as your practice. Therefore, we have to be the best to ensure we meet your and your patients’ expectations.

Ethical Selling

Our Patient Care Coordinators have medical experience and are trained to sell ethically!

The team are trained to have sensitive conversations, though we know our boundaries. We help to influence the conversation and understand the emotional drivers, setting you up for the consultation.

The No.1 Contact Center for Plastics, Derms & Med Spas!

We represent your practice, acting as a combination of virtual front desk and patient care coordinator. We engage, nurture and qualify prospective patients, building relationships and ultimately scheduling them for consultations, treatments and surgery.

What Our Clients Say

“Chris has delivered the results he said he would and truly cares about my practice and the patient experience. Thank you so much Chris and team!” – Dominic Bray


“I love Chris and what he has done for La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre! So much that i’m
using him in my other consulting projects.
It’s a gamechanger” – Marie Olesen


“The cosmetic/aesthetics industry is very competitive. SalesMD gives you and your staff the edge to go from great to superior. Highly recommend!” – Annette Luskin



Check out our open and honest answers to the most common questions we’re asked

Our approach is to be fair in how we work together. We want to be successful with you and be build a long-term working relationship. If your question isn’t answered, please let us know.

How do you represent my practice?

We are you. We introduce ourselves as a patient care coordinator with your practice. We are not SalesMD when we phone your prospective patients.

What’s the time limit for patients?

We have a 6-month time limit. We recognize a patient whilst may come to you for a major surgery and decide on a smaller treatment to start with as they assess you and the practice. As we carry the risk, we want to be fair so our 6-month window allows patients to decide on bigger treatments when it’s ready for them. 

What happens if the patient doesn’t book a treatment?

If a patient decides not to progress with treatment after their consultation, then firstly you pay is nothing. Depending on the outcome, we are able to nurture that relationship when appropriate and bring them back into the practice when the time is right.

How much do I pay for consultations?

You pay nothing for patients coming for consultations. You only pay us our fee when the patient agrees to move forward with treatment.

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