We nurture, qualify and book patients for aesthetic consultations

We are your outsourced sales team 


We convert your leads to appointments

Once we qualify a lead, we schedule an appointment on your calendar and you will be notified immediately.

We also provide the insight we’ve obtained during the call through our HIPAA compliant systems. This ensures your practice is fully informed, creating a seamless transition.


Our highly skilled agents are all based right here in the USA. Every interaction is highly professional.


When we call your leads we are calling as your practice. We know how important relationships are



We only deliver qualified appointments with patients ready to take the next step


We build & retain trust by valuing honesty & doing what we say we’re going to do 

A team of professional relationship builders


We are representing your brand and know that this is incredibly important. That’s why we have hired the best. This is not a call center, but a team of relationship builders.

Your schedule full

Our mission is to fill up your schedule and to make sure you and your team only spend your time with qualified patients who are potentially ready to book procedures. 


Authentic contact

We present ourselves to each lead as members of your practice. Our conversations are ethical and authentic, allowing us to book qualified appointments.

No show no fee

Even though our team send appointment reminders, we recognize there will always be people who don’t show up. You will not be charged on these occasions.

Monthly reporting

The SalesMD Dashboard gives you full visibility into how each lead channel is performing. See conversation data, response rates, and much more.

What our clients say

Ready to fill your calendar?